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Floor Deck Products

This product is no longer manufactured.

This product information has been made available to support the retrofit of existing buildings by providing the original design performance for the specified product.

Floor deck catalog pre2014 

Composite deck based on 38ksi yield steel for:
3W Hi Form™ legacy
2W Hi Form™ legacy
B-36 Hi Form™ legacy
N-24 Hi Form™ legacy

Legacy Floor Deck Catalog (pdf)


N-24 Hi Form® Composite Floor Deck 

N-24 Hi Form™ composite floor deck is embossed to provide a mechanical bond between the decking and concrete. A 24" wide cellular version is also available.

N-24 Composite Catalog (pdf)


Electri-DeCk® ASC2 & ASC3  

ASC2 and ASC3 Electrified composite floor deck is an integrated structural and electrical distribution system for slab on grade and elevated decks applications.

Electri-Deck Catalog (pdf)


2W & 2WF Hi Form® Composite Floor Deck 

2W Hi Form™ Composite Floor Deck was available in both 36" and 24" net coverages. It is used as both a form during construction and as the positive reinforcing of the concrete slab. Embossments as added to provide a mechanical bond between decking and the concrete. 2W-Deck provides both vertical load capacity and diaphragm shear capacities. 2WF Cellular Deck also available.

2W-36 & 2WF-36 Legacy Catalog (pdf)